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Sandra Looman Talbot
As an artist and scientist, I am daily exposed to, and reflect upon, elements of nature and my connection with them, and it is not surprising that my art has been heavily influenced by the similarities and differences between design by man, and design by evolution. My view toward the natural environment from the perspective of a scientist is little different from my perspective as an artist: both scientists and artists search for underlying laws and patterns in nature, and seek to understand and report them. Thus, my exploration of the natural world and the processes associated with the emergence and adaptation of species and assembly of communities has given me a unique perspective on both the creative and destructive forces underlying nature, including human nature. Incorporated into my two- and three-dimensional artwork are artifacts collected during scientific expeditions to some of the world’s wildest and most remote places. These artifacts not only signify my deep connection to certain places on the world, but also serve to remind me to look to Nature as the best model, mentor and designer.


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